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Creating an At home Executive Office Space

There are two groups of thought when it comes to working from home. One group usually believes employees will not complete anything, and the other group thinks employees will be more contented and productive. Chances are, your answer depends on how you view yourself when working from home. While many people attest by 9-5 schedule a week in the office, there is increasing support for the second group of workers who discern that they are more productive when working at home.

Working from home can help workers lessen distractions and increase the time they spend focused on a project. For work that can’t be disturbed several times a day, having a peaceful surrounding is fundamental to their productivity. Of course some homes may be more disruptive than an open office. However, employers can benefit greatly from at home workers, especially when a worker can spend half of their week in the office and the other half at home.

If you are like most who opted to work remotely but haven’t opted to find a local office space for rent, you might find that your home is full of interruptions. Your TV, pets, bed, and even your kitchen could all be distractions to your workflow and can make concentrating on work nearly impossible. Having a specified space to have your own ‘executive office space’ in your home can allow you to shut those down and give your full attention to the task on hand.

Everyone can benefit from having a practical workspace to go about their to-do list, make progress on a new project, or simply reading to catch up on current affairs. Luckily, the possibilities and strategies in home office design are endless. You can easily modify an unused closet space with a few space-saving design schemes or be adventurous by inputting the whole room with bright and striking wallpaper, unusual choices of furniture, and colorful accessories.

Whether you love a workspace with rustic decor or prefer a modern minimalist aesthetic, consider some of these brilliant home office ideas. Hopefully with a little inspiration you can customize your own home office with the right color schemes, inexpensive furniture, and decorations.

Space-saving and All-in-One Furniture

It is difficult (if not impossible) to allocate a whole room to a home office if the space is very limited. So, it is worth noting how you can create several ways to use your available space. It can also be inexpensive by making use of your available furniture in several ways. Plenty of desks have storage, but in a limited space you will want to find something that doesn't take much space. An old dresser could easily double as a work desk and you can fill the unused space above it by adding modular shelving. To hide unsightly wires away, you should also consider using cable channels. Integrate a chalkboard wall idea to create an illusion of space and to avoid wasting paper or post-it notes.


When you don’t want your small home office area visible when you have visitors over, consider having a hideaway. You can hide your remote working space by simply drawing a curtain. When closed, it divides the home office and the bedroom or living room. It is perfect for people who do not like clutter or only use the home office set up occasionally. It will look good on small apartments especially if you do not want your workspace to take much on your floor plan.

Creative storage

Add shelves above your desk and invest in some well-built and appealing storage boxes or files to keep your work materials organized. If your home office is in your bedroom, you can still have some space to keep your papers and office supplies using several bedrooms storage ideas like stowing away the storage boxes below your desk or dressers. You can also consider buying an ottoman with a secret storage area that can simply sit at the end of your bed.

Energetic glow with bright colors

Incorporating a striking, vivid paint color is an infallible way to create instant personality, taking a small space from dull to chic. Make a spot in the living room for your work by creating a space with a pop of color. Vibrant colors will help a small executive office space feel larger because it reflects lights around. You can mix up old and new trends with a fun twist by using colorful and bright upholstery, unique furniture, and classic light fixtures. Fill your office with bold artwork and frames with motivational speeches to perk up your productivity. Also, remember that plants play a significant role in making an office space feel energizing and healthy. Green is known for its relaxing, calming and can help calm and focus the mind. Create an atmosphere that promotes well-being by distributing unique plant elements around your home office.

Hang Mirrors to expand the space

For many interior designers, the oversized mirror is the oldest trick in the book to make any small space appear larger than it really is. It gives small rooms a bright and airy vibe and spreads natural light organically. A well-placed mirror breaks visual clutter, expands walls, and brings vibrance to any home office space.

Be a Potter fan with an under stair office.

There is no standard when it comes to home offices so those dead spaces under the stairs next to the wardrobe and alcoves are potential temporary (or even permanent) office spaces. If you have wasted space (under stairs, hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, or bedrooms), this could be an excellent place to build your home office. Imagine yourself a bit of a creative wizard when it comes to concocting up small home office space using the under the stairs space. Put up some laminated wood flooring design and cozy decor like faux fur rugs to give it identity than Dudley's dorm from Harry Potter!


When looking for a good home office setup, you should consider the location, furniture, devices, and even the level of distraction you can tolerate. It should accommodate how you work, influence you to do your best work, and help you come up with new and creative ideas and you will find yourself working more effectively and efficiently.


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