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Minimalist Office Space Designs for Maximum Productivity

The success of a company depends on the management and efficiency of its employees, owners, and facilities. For this reason businesses are constantly searching for new ideas to increase productivity. However, many fail to consider one of the most important aspects - office design.

A design of an office should not only concentrate on making the space aesthetically pleasing to the customers. It needs to be practical and can easily be utilized by the employees. Stress, burnout, and concentration problems were all distinguished due to poor office space utilization. With this information to consider, it is clear that optimizing employee office spaces can yield an impressive increase in creativity and productivity.

When you are trying to revamp your office, it can be tough to know where to start. Overwhelm sets in with so many designs possible for every kind of office layout. But to keep it simple, remember that when renovating, there are a few critical factors to consider including branding, location, energy, and budget. Even if you are simply seeking to change a small part, making the right choices can still be challenging.

There are many articles circulated online about different office designs, with minimalist office designs continually growing in popularity. Minimalism, which started as an art movement in the 60s. It was originally perceived as an act of defiance against the ruthless art world and the increasingly consumerist culture and has filtered its way to architecture and design. The main perspective of this type of design is stripping back and simplifying the space to an almost bare minimum. Minimalist office design is ideal if organization and focus are the top priority. You won’t find clutter, over-decoration, and unneeded space, as it is believed that extra clutter on the workspace is synonymous with extra clutter in the brain. A minimalist office is anything but mundane or unattractive. You’ll notice a trend of using a neutral color palette, but with different textures and patterns, mostly from wood striation, unique shapes of desks, or sleek desk chairs. Many renting a much smaller executive office spaces, integrate a minimalist design and often opt for a folding wall desk in a sleek and minimal configuration.

Here are some ideas and designs to steal for a minimalist office design.

Fresh and Clean - Having a clean space makes working a joyous affair. Keeping a clean, well-organized environment improves productivity, promotes high spirits, and boosts morale. It clears the mind and makes workers organized and efficient. According to several studies, disorganization and clutter cause workers to experience extreme anxiety, which leads to poor decision-making and burnout. Cleaning is one of the key components in propagating a positive attitude within the workplace.

White, white, and BOOM! – Never underestimate the influence the right wall paint can have in an office. Not only that, it is an effortless way to spruce up a lifeless room, but the right paint palette could help increase productivity - after all, many suggest that certain colors have positive psychological effects on the mind, such as emotion and behavior. A little pop of color goes a long way for stimulating your brain, some hues for energizing while some for relaxing.

Eye-catching displays - Minimalism goes for clean surfaces, but don’t take the fun out of your space. Based on a survey, almost 94% believe art enhances employee morale in the work environment. Art helps employees feel comfortable and can lower stress. Revitalize your office by keeping minimal and unique accents, such as personal picture frames, rugs, flowers, etc. You can also consider adding decorative office lighting to improve the character and visual appeal of your office. Accent lighting, like picture lights, can give attention to important elements in the room, while decorative lights provide direct visual charm.

Rustic and Industrial accents - Many modern offices today have catered to industrial minimalist design for the entire office space they rent. This type of minimalist design is basic, almost unfinished, and provides a casual but stylish office atmosphere. Strong tones of brass, copper, and wood are usually integrated, giving the bleak office space a superior ambiance. It can also be achieved by installing modern furniture, such as a desk with brass frames and a black tabletop that could be paired to light-colored chairs and shelves to contrast and balance the interiors.

Unique Wall Shelves and Storage - Clutter sends signals to your brain that there are a lot of things to tidy up or organize, and in response, it triggers stress, which hinders productivity and growth, and often makes employees feel sluggish and unmotivated. It distracts and takes your full attention away from the task needed to be finished. Decluttering and organizing reduce the occurrence of stress and often gives you a feeling of control. It affects how your team performs in that environment, so effectively arranging your space will help you construct the company environment your team needs to reach their career goals. Organizing is manageable and achievable. A small space can be a complete workspace if utilized effectively. Hiding chargers, wirings, and cords can make a huge difference in cutting down the clutter in your office space. Instead of keeping everything on the desk or floor that could block your movement, you can make use of the vertical space for storage by installing floating racks or shelves.

A minimalist office space could help you pave the way for higher productivity, improved performance, and improved revenue. If you have experienced a drop in motivation lately, minimal office design could be the thing that can help your creativity flow again. While it is easy to over-decorate, keeping a minimalist mindset can help you create an organized space with enough room for everything. This trend is indeed all about “less is more” and the idea behind it is apparent, with companies increasingly choosing the elegant, clean and stylish appearance that the minimalist trend expresses to the core. By keeping in mind the simple rules of minimalism (muted color scheme, just a few unique decorations, and proper storage for everything), you can turn even a small area into a stylish, refreshing office.


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